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Job Responsibilities

1. Team Management Team task management and motivation: KPI setting, compensation & incentive policy Sales skills coaching for team members: product training, after-sales training, routine analysis and summary of sales work. Daily team management: Follow up and review key projects and KPIs through the regular work meetings and daily sales report etc. 2. Sales objectives and process management Implement sales strategy and sales model Make sales plan and implement it according to sales forecast analysis Follow up the sales order and payment collection, promote the sales process and complete the sales task. Realize the operation automation and information electronization of purchasing, sales and inventory management, and realize data sharing. 3. Marketing Implement new market development plan in the region, improve the market coverage of products; Analyze the current market situation and forecast the sales prospect in the region, track the progress of competitors, forecast the customer demand; Responsible for project bidding and contract review within the region; Assist new product trial marketing and product concept market testing,assist R&D department in product positioning and improvement, accelerate the maturity of new products; Participate in international exhibitions, collect and feedback customer and market information in time; 4. Customer development and maintenance Implement the customer management strategy of the product line in the region, establish a good distributor network Develop and maintain customer relationship, assist to deal with customer complaints to ensure project sales success by influencing customer decision chain; Customer visit and daily contact, track and forecast customer needs, improve customer satisfaction. Always welcome for a talk on Whatsapp (86+18064373044), or please send the resume to Thanks!

Job Requirements

1. Marketing insight Through the understanding of key business and the analysis of consumer behavior, observe the potential customers and related needs, and identify business opportunities. 2. Information collection and analysis Maintain agility in industry, product, policy and other information, quickly interpret the key information conducive to business development, and provide suggestions for business development . 3. Sales channel management Familiar with the whole product sales channel, sensitive to market conditions, able to screen out key information and make suggestions for the company's customer strategy and channel development.  Establish daily communication mechanism with channels, establish the principle of channel access and approval, sign agency contracts, make marketing plans and achieve sales targets . 4. Communication & Persuading Develop a personalized communication plan according to the needs and concerns of the communication target, use communication as an effective management tool, use negotiation skills, and finally reach consensus . 5. Team work Able to assign tasks reasonably according to the characteristics of team members, able to guide team members in the process of work and complete tasks well 6. Knowledge Proficient in the company's product and competitive product information Familiar with the development trend of medical device industry and IVD test industry English can be used as the working language, with local language skills a plus Excellent communication and coordination skills

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