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Purchasing Manager
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthGuangzhou
Guangzhou create beauty technology Co., Ltd. the first branch
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the development and management of the project (scented candle), organizing, planning, implementing and monitoring the whole project to ensure the completion of the project plan; 2. Responsible for the development, evaluation and selection of suppliers, and identify short-term and long-term qualified suppliers and supply channels; 3. Responsible for the issuance of purchase orders, can take the initiative to follow up the procurement progress and ensure that the materials are in place on time. 4. Conducted market research, developed procurement channels, selected suppliers with reasonable quality, quality and price, strictly controlled and tracked the price, quality, delivery and payment of purchased products; 5. Analyze and predict the needs of the department, communicate with the demand department in advance, and understand the future plans and needs of the company's business; 6. Complete other procurement tasks arranged by the company.

Job Requirements

1. Excellent Russian, barrier-free communication, Chinese communication; 2. Relevant work experience in procurement and development of scented candle products, and relevant supplier resources are preferred; 3. Have good aesthetic taste, strong understanding ability, good communication and expression ability, and know the process of producing products;

Required Languages

Mandarin, English, Russian

Job Details

Position type

Procurement Specialist/Supervisor


3~5 years

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