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Job Responsibilities

1.Develop strategy for the key function person & talent, make roadmap and detailed plan based on group development strategy. 2.responsible for the training of key &talent function, summarize the path of the talent’s development, design and develop talent training mode, operate potential talent training projects, and evaluate the effect of talent training 3. Continuously build and manage the training system and resources, including the course list, trainer team and supplier resources, to meet the needs of employees and promote the improvement of their professional knowledge and skills; 4.Select and manage the long term relationship with external consultant and training suppliers, and ensure the company is satisfied with their service; 5. Update the training information of industry and government education institution, and ensure the synchronism and relativity of the company training activities.

Job Requirements

1.More than 3 years training experience in group company 2.Master facilitator skills, course development, experience extraction, TTT and other professional skills 3.Design and develop talent training program 4.Native English speaker

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