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Overseas Sales Manager
Full-timeNegotiableLatin America/Southeast Asia/Japan and South Korea
Hunan Xingbang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Education: Bachelor's degree. Marketing; International trade; English; Other international trade majors such as minor languages and languages; Those with equivalent abilities in science and engineering are also eligible; 2. English level: College English Level 6 or Professional Level 8; Same level of minor languages; 3. Strong international business etiquette, negotiation and communication skills; Strong market analysis, planning, and marketing system thinking; Proficient in international trade practical operation skills; Proficient in basic mechanical operations and principles.

Job Requirements

1. Responsible for and coordinating sales lead tracking, sales opportunity conversion, business negotiations, sales contract signing and fulfillment, order delivery, and post market support within the region. Responsible for CRM system management and maintaining regional customer relationships through email, phone, video conferencing, and on-site visits; 2. Achieve regional monthly, quarterly, and annual sales revenue and payment collection targets; Responsible for managing accounts receivable within the region, tracking overdue accounts, and managing risks; 3. Responsible for formulating, executing, and reviewing regional weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, regularly reporting business progress to superiors, and proposing business improvement measures; 4. Responsible for the development of new markets and customers in Latin America/Southeast Asia/Japan and South Korea, including distributors, renters, key project development, and maintenance of old customers, in order to increase the market share of old channels; 5. Responsible for the business process management and sales support empowerment of foreign sales managers, ensuring the achievement of regional goals

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Other sales positions


1~3 years

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