Project Manager
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Job Responsibilities

(I) work content of project manager: 1. Preside over internal project meetings, assign work tasks, clarify work requirements, and implement the target time of each task 2. Coordinate schedule changes with business managers/customers 3. Assisted the business manager to formulate the delivery plan of major nodes in each development stage 4. Follow up the progress of mold, process and quality work; 5. Ensure the validation of new products on schedule and enter mass production 6. Coordinated the changes of customer requirements with business manager and project team 7. Communicate with the upper management about the resource allocation of internal tasks 8. Follow up the work of each department, and reconcile conflicts and contradictions among project team members.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical or related field 2. At least two years of relevant project management experience 3. Familiar with ERP/MRP, WORD, EXCEL and relevant computer applications 4. Strong communication and expression skills 5. Dedicated and teamwork spirit 6, positive work attitude, strong sense of professional responsibility 7. English ability can meet office requirements, such as answering emails 8. Working experience in silicone rubber industry is preferred; experience in mold design is preferred

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Sales/ Biz Development / Account Management


3~5 years

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