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Job Responsibilities

1, maintain the company's original customers, find potential customers, to achieve sales goals; 2, contact customers, quotation, negotiation, sign a single, documentary, reasonable handling of customer complaints and other Related Foreign Trade Business Work; 3, familiar with the products, have a good grasp of the product, and give accurate quotations; 4, mainly responsible for sales and customer needs from the point of view, skilled product characteristics.

Job Requirements

1. Foreign students of Russian/German/French/Middle East or foreigners with sales experience need to be able to speak Chinese.(All languages are acceptable.) 2. Good image and temperament, outgoing personality, good at communication and love foreign trade work. 3. Maintained the company's existing customers, searched for potential customers and completed the sales target; 4. Have certain business negotiation skills and strong teamwork spirit; 5. Engaged in the foreign trade work related to stone materials.

Required Languages

English, Other

Job Details

Position type



Unlimited experience

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