Audio Recording
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Job Responsibilities

1. Record German dialogues in topics from a list. In each topic, there are 4-6 subtopics, and for each subtopics, the dialogue would be 5-30 mins. Transcription will not be provided (you will have to make up the dialogue). 2. The audio recording should be sufficiently clean and up to the standard we stipulate. Salary: Pay by the project volume/hours, $60usd/2 person=1 speaking hour recording. During the conversation period, one person is speaking and another one is listening, total recorded is two hours, then it will be considered just one speaking hour.

Job Requirements

1. Native German speaker (who lived in Germany for more than 18 years); 2. English communication and expression skills; 3. Owns a smartphone (IOS or Android); 4. Equipped with good teamwork skill, and be serious and responsible for the project.

Required Languages

German, English

Job Details

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Unlimited experience

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