Marketing specialist
Jiangsu Eco Green Energy Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Market research: responsible for overseas and internal market benchmarking, provide analysis about products, price, marketing materials, collecting market information in the same industry, assisting marketing manager to sort out and analyze market data, putting forward suggestions and implementing them; 市场调研:负责产品相关的海内外市场调研工作,提供竞品分析和搜集同行业市场信息,包括产品,价格,推广文件等,协助市场经理进行市场数据的整理和分析,提出建议并实施; 2. Activity planning: Assist the marketing manager to develop overseas marketing plans, implement brand promotion activities, and implement the planning and implementation of various activities; 活动企划:协助市场经理制定海外市场推广方案,执行品牌推广活动,落实各类活动的策划与执行; 3. The media management: select the overseas media channels, advertising planning, writing product related publicity copy, company product publicity and promotion, such as online advertising, keyword search, via Facebook/Instagram/Youtube platform release information about the promotion; 媒体管理:选择海外媒体渠道,制定广告计划,撰写产品相关宣传文案,公司产品的宣传和推广,如线上的广告宣传,关键词搜索,通过Facebook/Instagram/Youtube等平台发布推广信息; 4. Assisted the marketing manager to create a strategic planning for exhisbitions and arranging offline marketing work, such as contacting exhibitions and preparing related matters; 协助市场经理策划安排线下市场工作,联系展会,筹备参展的相关事宜; 5. Provide comprehensive sales support and promote the solution of product business needs; 提供全面销售支持,推动产品业务需求解决; 6. Establish, update and contact the image of the company's website, wechat official account and other external Windows; 公司网站,微信公众号及其他对外窗口形象的建立,更新及联络; 7. Managing and create new marketing tools, such as gift box for better serve the clients; 管理现有市场部宣传品并积极开发新的宣传品,例如礼品盒等以期更好地服务于客户。 8. Other tasks assigned by the leader. 领导安排的其他工作。

Job Requirements

Job Requirement: 1. 重度网络使用者,玩转社交网络 Heavy Internet users, be professional with social networks 2. 熟悉市场推广的相关知识,精通市场推广的具体操作流程以及推广渠道 Familiar with marketing knowledge, expert in concert operation procedure and promotion channels 3. 具有良好的沟通协调能力;良好的人际关系处理能力;敏锐的市场洞察力以及分析能力 Good communication and coordination skills; Capable of interpersonal relationship management and sharp market insight and analysis ability 4. 具备高度的工作热情,能积极主动进行工作 Enthusiasm in work and be able to work proactively 5. 富有活力和激情,为人开朗热情 Energetic, optimistic and passionate 6. 2年以上相关工作经验 2 year or above related working experience 7. 能英语口语交流,有海外学习或工作经验者优先 English oral ability is a must, prefer candidates with overseas experience 所需语言 英语

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Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


1~3 years

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