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Overseas Marketing Director
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthUnited Arab Emirates - Dubai
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Job Responsibilities

Job Overview: Responsible for the development of overseas channel communities for company projects, promoting the internationalization of project development, and familiar with the operation of cryptocurrency industry model It has overseas communities and industrial resources. 1. According to the company's strategy, implement and promote the company's strategic plan, responsible for exploring overseas community channels, including social media, forums line Activities and other channels; 2. Establish and maintain overseas community relationships, attract and expand project stakeholders and consensus groups, and expand overseas communities and partners Collaterals, Enhance the company's brand awareness and reputation. And can timely monitor the feedback and needs of overseas communities and collaborate with teams to improve products and services; 3. Develop marketing strategies and plans that align with overseas markets, study overseas target markets, understand market trends, competitive advantages, and market needs Seeking; Manage the overseas marketing team, supervise the execution and results of marketing activities; 4. Establish good cooperative relationships with important institutions, media, and Italian leaders in the industry. Regularly follow up on project progress in overseas markets, and towards The top management provides detailed reports; 5. Analyze and evaluate the competitive situation and opportunities in overseas markets, and provide corresponding suggestions and measures.

Job Requirements

1. Have successful project management and marketing experience in the cryptocurrency or blockchain industry; 2. Familiar with marketing strategies and tools, able to develop effective market promotion plans; 3. Possess extensive overseas communities and industry resources, able to quickly establish partnerships and obtain market information; 4. Priority should be given to candidates with overseas citizenship (with a period of work experience overseas) and knowledge of the local market and culture; 5. Possess the ability to organize online and offline meetings; 6. Familiar with overseas markets and have deep understanding and insight into them, with experience in operating and developing the top 100 currencies; 7. Chinese and English can be used as working languages and can proficiently engage in communication and business negotiations.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


3~5 years

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