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Job Responsibilities

Market Research: Regularly output category trends and plans that can enhance product competitiveness by focusing on user needs and competitors in the target market. Product Marketing: Collaborate with design and R&D as well as sales departments to launch new product launch plans, ensuring that marketing plans for products and solutions meet the needs of the target market to achieve sales growth. Marketing Tracking: Target market-oriented and collect timely market feedback, conduct relevant data analysis, be responsible for product relevance indicators, and ensure products meet expectations. Product Lifecycle Management: Coordinate the work of various departments for post-launch product management, such as information feedback, evaluation, product upgrades, and delisting. Sales Support: Develop various promotional materials as needed, organize industry exhibitions, maintain official website, and assist sales in handling various inquiries.

Job Requirements

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or above in marketing, management or industrial design related majors, with prior experience in the outdoor furniture industry preferred. Five or more years of product marketing work experience, with complete cases in product management, market research, and user research. Excellent information analysis and proposal capabilities; Strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and coordination skills, able to maintain good work status under significant pressure and promote new product launches. It is preferred to have worked for multinational companies with fluent English.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


3~5 years

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