KOL/KOC Thai Business Manager
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Kukan Culture
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Job Responsibilities

1. In the light of the company's business requirements, the business manager is required to look for suitable KOL/KOC candidates; 2. Establish a KOL/KOC team and conduct maintenance management; 3. Complete the expansion targets required by the company according to quality and quantity; 4. Analyze the data, evaluate the effects of KOLs and talents in terms of implementation progress and effects, and be responsible for the launch results; 5. Able to analyze the needs of the local market and existing resources, and put forward valuable suggestions for the company's KOL business development.

Job Requirements

1. In addition to local languages, master and use English or Chinese proficiently; 2. Good at analysis and summary, strong logic, sensitive to data, and can analyze data independently. 3. Have a certain understanding or accumulation of KOL resources in the local market; 4. Team management experience is preferred.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


Unlimited experience

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