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Overseas Marketing Director
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthShenzhen
ShenZhen FengRunDa Technology Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Bachelor's degree or above, fluent in spoken English; 2. More than 5 years of relevant work experience in overseas marketing, overseas brand building, etc., with unique insights into domestic brands going overseas. Previous experience in building a 0-1 brand going overseas market system is a priority; Overseas local work experience is preferred; 3. Having rich knowledge and methodology in overseas marketing (active and joint marketing), brand communication, product marketing, retail support, planning and promotion, etc; 4. Having excellent brand awareness and resource integration ability, as well as good project management and event planning skills; 5. Good learning ability, strong pressure resistance, good communication and negotiation skills; 6. Have experience in team management.

Job Requirements

1. Brand positioning: Through overseas consumer insights, develop brand tone and positioning, shape brand core, and build brand assets; 2. Brand communication: Build an overseas communication system from 0 to 1, including but not limited to various overseas social media platforms and offline agent promotions; 3. Channel development: Support national managers in expanding their distributor team overseas, with a requirement of over 300 overseas distributors by 2023; 4. Distributor empowerment: SOP output of marketing materials, overseas distributors develop corresponding regional marketing plans and implement them; 5. Cross border e-commerce: Support the implementation of cross-border e-commerce business in marketing planning, content materials, market research, and other work; 6. Team management: Leading the team to grow together.

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Job Details

Position type

Brand Manager/Director


3~5 years

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