Indonesian editor review印尼语编辑审核
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthBeijing
Beijing New Reading Technology Co. LTD.
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Job Responsibilities

This role is a full-time position and needs to be base in Beijing 1. Responsible for the translation review of Indonesian novels to ensure the quality of translation content; 2. Assist in cross team and cross regional communication and cooperation of the Department, and promote efficient cooperation among teams; 3. Collect and sort out business-related terms and provide relevant support to the business team; 4. Assist in content upload and maintenance, maintain and improve the translation background 1、负责印尼语小说的翻译审核,保证翻译内容质量; 2、协助部门的跨团队、跨地区沟通合作,促进团队间高效协作; 3、收集、整理业务相关术语,向业务团队提供相关支持; 4、协助内容上传和维护,维护翻译后台完善

Job Requirements

1. Online translation experience is preferred; 2. Fluent in Chinese, English and Indonesian languages; 3. Familiar with network literature and original websites, have a lot of reading experience, love network novels, and have a certain sensitivity to content; 4. Understand cultural differences and have cross-cultural communication skills; 5. Calm, patient, good team spirit; 6. Strong communication and organizational skills. 1、具有网文翻译经历者优先录取; 2、具备中、英、印尼语言能力,口语流利; 3、熟悉网络文学及原创网站,有大量的阅读经验,热爱网络小说,对内容有一定敏感度; 4、对文化差异有理解,具备跨文化交际能力; 5、沉稳,有耐心,有良好的团队合作精神; 6、较强的沟通能力和组织能力。

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3~5 years

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