Mexico Project Manager (Based in Mexico)
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthOnline
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Job Responsibilities

1. Develop and execute a comprehensive project plan for the launch of the new market in Mexico. 2. Coordinate and collaborate with the HQ team to ensure alignment and synchronization of project activities. 3. Define project goals, objectives, and key deliverables, and communicate them to the team members and stakeholders. 4. Identify project requirements, resources, and timelines, and manage them effectively throughout the project lifecycle. 5. Monitor and track project progress, identify any issues or risks, and take proactive measures to address them. 6. Facilitate effective communication and collaboration between the local partners in Mexico and the HQ team, ensuring clear and timely exchange of information. 7. Foster a collaborative and supportive team environment, promoting engagement and high performance among project team members. 8. Conduct regular project meetings and provide project status updates to key stakeholders, including senior management. 9. Mitigate any potential cultural or language barriers between the local partners in Mexico and the HQ team, fostering cross-cultural understanding and effective teamwork. 10. Identify opportunities for process improvements and operational efficiencies, implementing best practices and lessons learned from previous projects.

Job Requirements

1. Minimum of 3 years of hands-on experience in account management, project management, branding or digital marketing campaign management experience; 2. Experience of working in MNC and international experience is preferred 3. Understanding of the digital and ecommerce in current global landscape as well as effective marketing strategy 4. Excellent writing, communication, and interpersonal skills 5. Strong analytical and organizational skills 6. Strong and demonstrated programme / project management skills, with experience in managing large-scale and complex portfolios 7. Strong leadership and an entrepreneurial & resourceful start-up mindset to test initiatives, learn and scale up to accelerate

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Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


1~3 years

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