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Job Responsibilities

In this new era of the film industry, as an optical enterprise, we are forced with a new appraisal: Our Purpose: Let more video producers enjoy their lenses in professional cine lens standards. Our Vision: Thinking as a filmmaker, let technologies pave the way for a more innovative, versatile, and cost-effective workflow. Listen to video producer's needs sincerely so as to arm them with reliable and innovative film tools. Our Values: Creative & delighted=Proven+Efficient+Vitality Responsibilities: 1. Enhance brand influence through building effective communication with local DP(Cinematographers/ filmmakers/ filmschool)KOL and filmmaker organizations, integrate content, and gain more exposure opportunities. 2. Maximizes product sales & Business Development by building communication with potential Resellers partners in North/ South America . 3.Tracking product and channel partner sales, analyzing market trends, and figuring out new sales opportunities. 4. Involve and effectively use the internal and external resources in order to achieve revenue, units, and profit targets. 5. Organizing local workshops and events for brand influence enhancement, responsible for commercial budgeting. 6. Monthly Track analytics and sale forecast to measure performance against KPI Monitor competitors for best practices in the rapidly evolving landscape(sale/ marketing strategies) 7. Is in daily contact with our DZOFILM Global Center(CN) to organize and coordinate Marketing activity plans and implements corrective actions. 8. Supports Marketing Planning process and inputs into strategic briefs, collects and coordinates local marketing plans and tracks progress against KPI.

Job Requirements

Qualifications/Requirements 1. Film school/Film making/ video industrial/Post-editing grounding, familiar with mainstream video/film equipment. 2.Based in North/ South America. 3.Nice taste in Film, solid knowhows in film making. 4.Travelling up to 30% of the time. 5.Ability to track and apply performance metrics. 6.A creative portfolio of your video

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Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


3~5 years

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