Global Game Brand Management
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Job Responsibilities

1. We look forward to working with you, you will work with the world's outstanding game development team to participate in the entire process of production and operation of high-quality games with various gameplay and themes. 2. Based on the entire game market, you will work with the team to develop publishing strategies and launch project plans and goals; 3. Passionately explore the industry's leading item management system, leading various process construction, efficiency optimization and organizational growth of the issue; 4. We believe that you are the representative of the younger generation of game users worldwide and will be part of the top game operation team.

Job Requirements

1. Fresh graduates in 2020, bachelor degree or above, major in any subjects, English or minor language is preferred; 2. Have passion for games and the Internet, have an independent understanding of various types of games and Internet products; 3. Not only can execute effectively, but also have the courage to provide new ideas; 4. Have empathy and be good at listening and understanding the needs of game users and partners; 5. Open minded, good team spirit, have strong motivation and willingness to learn.

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type

Marketing / Advertising / PR


Entry level

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