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Overseas account manager
Full-time45k - 50K RMB per monthMexico - South America (Mexico, Chile, etc.) and South Pacific (Indonesia)
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Job Responsibilities

1、Responsible for overseas market promotion and sales of the company's products. 2、Establish and maintain customer relationships in the designated region. 3、Gather market information in the designated region. 4、Ensure timely collection of payments for sales of products.

Job Requirements

1、Education Background: Bachelor's degree or above, major not limited but preference given to Communication, Computer Science, or related fields. 2、Work Experience: Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in marketing or sales within the telecommunication industry, with overseas work experience preferred. 3、Professional Knowledge: Possess relevant knowledge and skills in the telecommunication industry. 4、Skills Required: Proficient in using common office software. 5、Language Requirements: English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, sufficient for daily communication. 6、Personal Traits: Good cross-cultural adaptability and teamwork skills. Ability to work overseas on a regular basis. The main locations are South America (Mexico, Chile, etc.) and the South Pacific (Indonesia). He stays overseas for 9-10 months a year and returns home once every 3-6 months on average. Except for holidays, I need to work in Wuhan

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


5~10 years

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