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International Sales Rep.
Full-timeNegotiableRussia, Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Peru
China Boton Group
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Job Responsibilities

1.You should have relevant work experience in sales positions in e-cigarette, 3C digital, cross-border e-commerce and similar industries; 2. You should be quick response, have strong expression ability and communication skills; 3. You should have the ability to analyze and judge the market and have service awareness to the customer; 4. You should be responsible; you can bear the pressure of the work, accept posting overseas, and subject to organizational arrangements.

Job Requirements

1.Responsible for customer development, order negotiation, after-sales service, daily maintenance in overseas market; 2.Implementation of the daily work assessment, the development of short-term and medium-term market development plan and is responsible for the achievement of the sales target; 3.Market research and analysis, to grasp the market dynamics and market direction, timely organization of the relevant departments to formulate contingency countermeasures, and promote the process and results.

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