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Job Responsibilities

1. Provide human resource support for the development of overseas branches of the group, establish and improve the human resource management system of the supported countries, research and design human resource management models suitable for overseas local development; 2. Provide high-level suggestions on human resource strategy, organizational construction, incentive mechanism, performance appraisal, etc., and strive to improve the overall management level of overseas localities; 3. Actively conduct various forms of contact and effective communication with business department management, front-line supervisors, and employees to ensure the effective transmission of information between different levels.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above, with more than 8 years of working experience in Spain, fluent in Chinese,English,and Spanish; 2. 5 years or above of human resources work experience, systematic understanding of overseas human resources management models and accumulation of practical experience, able to guide the work of various functional modules of human resources, and familiar with overseas local labor laws and regulations; 3. Possess an international vision and the ability to build and integrate teams with different working culture backgrounds; 4. Sensitivity to people and organizations, strategic thinking and overall awareness, dedication and responsibility, and quick thinking; strong management and problem-solving skills, strong stress resistance and practical skills; 5. Experience as a human resources manager or director of a large multinational group is preferred.

Required Languages

Mandarin, Spanish

Job Details

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More than 10 years

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