IDC Resource Development Director
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Job Responsibilities

Responsibility description: 1. Responsible for the investment and expansion of data center projects in overseas regions, and carry out forward-looking chassis resource development planning and analysis based on the business distribution of the industry and regional entry strategy; 2. Understand the land information, market dynamics, policies and regulations, industry dynamics, etc. of the expansion area, and establish the basic database of investment expansion business; 3. Coordinate and organize other relevant business departments of the company to jointly complete the in-depth research and feasibility analysis of the project, and complete the investment development decision suggestions, as well as the risk analysis and management in the process of project bidding and acquisition; 4. Be responsible for the project evaluation in the region, study the market situation, organize and participate in the business negotiation of the project, and promote the progress of the investment project through the whole process; Lead the acquisition of land and investment projects, and organize the implementation of commercial negotiations, bidding delisting, agreement implementation, etc; 5. Establish good government public relations and corporate partner relations, and continue to carry out relationship management; Working background or communication skills in the departments of development and reform, economic and information technology, and power are preferred. 6. Be responsible for completing other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

Job Requirements

Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or above; 2. More than 3 years of experience in project expansion in the data center industry or more than 5 years of experience in land expansion in the real estate industry and related types of data center projects; Ability to independently organize land project development, evaluation, investment analysis and feasibility study, and mature practical experience is preferred; 3. Familiar with the requirements of cooperation with government and large enterprises, investment negotiation process and relevant laws and regulations; Have a sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance, excellent communication and coordination ability, public relations ability and negotiation ability; 4. Have strong writing skills, certain government resources, investment resources, excellent language expression ability and customer service awareness; 5. Good health, strong pressure resistance, strong sense of responsibility and professional dedication; 6. Candidates with government work background or relevant resources are preferred. 7. Be able to accept long-term overseas residence.

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President/General Manager/CEO


More than 10 years

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