2~3 Regional Sales Manager (RSM)
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthOnline
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Job Responsibilities

The Regional Sales Manager (RSM) position is chiefly responsible to generate Injection Molding Machinery sales in the assigned region. This role involves direct engagement with new and existing customers; and collaborative work with 3rd party representative companies that may also have responsibility to develop sales and support customers. The RSM will strive to achieve annual budgeted sales goals for their area; and to work as a team to support customer activity which crosses regional areas of responsibility. The RSM will participate in the development of quotes, and take responsibility for all quotes sent to customers. Budgeted sales goals will be aligned with the company goals of increasing market share for the products which the company provides including, hydraulic servo controlled toggle machines, hybrid and electric machines. The RSM is expected to stay current with the Yizumi-HPM product line, and to stay current with industry trends and customer preferences. The RSM is expected to help support the continuous improvement of the Yizumi-HPM product offering by sharing insights on areas of opportunity in terms of quality, technology, and product offering. The RSM is expected to provide no less than quarterly formal reports regarding current and forward looking guidance on sales performance, market activity, and competitive activities in their assigned regions. The RSM should engage with the 3rd Party Representatives in their area to develop these formal reports. These reports will also serve to develop the stocking plans, annual sales budgets, and rolling 12 month forecasts. RSM will participate in exhibitions and provide insights into cost benefit based advertising and promotional activities. RSM will provide after sale follow up visits with customers to ensure their satisfaction with our products and services, and help to build loyalty. The RSM will provide a performance evaluation for the 3rd Party Representatives in their area, on at least an annual basis. The RSM will have significant input into the continued relationship with the 3rd Party Representatives, and in helping to identify, evaluate and select new 3rd Party Representatives for their areas. The RSM is responsible to assist in the collection efforts where credit terms have been provided; and should alert the company to any known issues of financial risk with the customer, or potential customer.

Job Requirements

Education, Experience, and Skills desired to professionally meet the requirements of the RSM position: Education: Primary: High School Diploma, or Equivalency; Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in an engineering related discipline would be ideal. Experience: Primary: +3 years Injection Molding Machinery direct sales experience; Secondarily: +3 years experience in a role servicing, operating, supporting, or designing injection molding machinery equipment, or auxiliary types of equipment. Skills and Knowledge: 1. Understanding of Injection Molding Machinery Equipment, including all electric, and hybrid machines; 2. Ability to communicate professionally and diplomatically with customers, 3rd party representatives and colleagues orally and in writing; 3. Ability to develop and make sales presentations; 4. Ability to collect and analyze market data, and develop sales plans and strategies; 5. Have a strong understanding of the Injection Molding Machinery market and competitive landscape; 6. Have a basic understanding of accounting; and a strong ability to understand costs, pricing, and margins to ensure the company’s ability to profit from sales activities; 7. Have a strong ability to negotiate; 8. Have a strong sense to protect the intellectual property and Brand of Yizumi and Yizumi-HPM; and handle confidential information in a secure way; 9. Ability to work independently without constant supervision; 10. Ability to make travel plans and arrangements to ensure on time visits to customers; 11. Basic ability to use office automation products such as computers, Microsoft office products, and smart phones etc.

Required Languages

Spanish, English

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Other sales positions


5~10 years

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