Product Manager
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthOverseas
Micro-Tech (Nanjing) Co., Ltd
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Product Manager Responsibilities(Base:台湾地区、India、Malaysia、Australia、Japan、Vietnam): 1、Product Manager印度产品经理 Base地点:孟买或钦奈或德里 Mumbai or Chennai or Delhi 职位描述:  用户研究、市场相关调研和情报收集并形成报告和展望 Customer research, marketing research and marketing information collection,  配合搭建销售渠道框架;推荐及筛选经销商 Cooperate to set up sales network; Distributor recommendation and selection  不定期收集市场销售信息、新技术产品开发信息,分析及跟踪竞争对手,定期进行产品分析,吸取行业发展优点 Collect sales information of competitors and new product development information infield; competitor product analysis; understand industry trends and development  能独立完成数据分析、数据报表的整理、数据占比分析 Capable of completing data analysis, data report collation and data proportion analysis  完成上级交办的其他工作 Complete daily work assigned by superiors.


 2年以上医疗领域工作经验 More than 2 year experience within the Medical Device Industry  具备一定的业内关系网络(医院,政府相关部门等)和人脉 Interpersonal network in field (hospital, government)  具备商业框架搭建能力 Ability to build business framework  对市场发展趋势有敏锐的洞察力关注行业发展和竞争对手动态 Have perception and pay close attention to industry developments and competitor behavior status.  有创新意识及良好的分析、研判能力 Capable of analyze, research and judgment to support product innovation and development.  能够熟练使用英文或中文进行沟通 Fluent in English or Chinese  熟练使用Office软件(Excel,Word,PPT,) Proficiency in Office software(Excel,Word,PPT,)  有较好的文字表达能力和良好的沟通能力 Outstanding communication skill and writing skills.  保密意识强,有责任心,有良好的团队合作精神和敬业精神 Strong scenes of confidentiality, responsibility, team work and professional ethics.

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Marketing / Advertising / PR


Senior Executive

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