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HR Manager
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Job Responsibilities

1、Develop human resource planning to ensure that the enterprise's human resource management is consistent with the strategic direction and objectives of the enterprise's development; 2、The preparation of human resources plans, such as the number of personnel, recruitment plans, layoff plans, manpower cost plans, training plans. Ensure that a reasonable and economic human resources to prepare for the normal operation of the enterprise's production and business activities; 3、Job analysis and job design. Preparation of job descriptions, job system, recruitment of staff to complete the work derived; 4、Recruitment work, for the development of enterprise production and management to select the most suitable personnel. 5、According to the assessment indicators on the staff's work performance work performance evaluation, the development of incentives and means, rewarding hard work and punishing laziness, rewarding excellence and punishing poor, to motivate employees to improve their work performance to contribute to the enterprise. 6、improve the enterprise personnel system, to ensure the orderly development of enterprises. 7、Training and development; through a variety of training means of staff skills, work attitude training training, aimed at constantly improving the quality of staff, and constantly develop the potential ability of staff. 8、 Dealing with labor disputes; correctly deal with the staff and the enterprise on wages, benefits, social security, working conditions and other contradictions and disputes, according to relevant national policies and regulations to coordinate the relationship between the two sides, to maintain the interests of both sides, not to intensify and expand the situation, and do not leave matters behind. 9、Day-to-day affairs; including social security payments, attendance, wage settlement, the implementation and supervision of the system, for employees to withdraw from work procedures.

Job Requirements

1、College degree or above, HR major is preferred; 2、Skilled in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing. 3、Can skillfully use ERP system, Word, Excel and other office software. 4、Fluent in Chinese is priority.

Required Languages

English, Indonesian, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

President/General Manager/CEO


3~5 years

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